Laplante_Campbell Duo

The Laplante_Campbell duo was one of my favourite collaborations during my six years living in Montreal. Our musical encounter grew into an exceptional musical conversation built on a search for subtle sound textures, finding new ways of mingling my accordion harmonies and overtones with Chantale Laplante’s laptop performance (which incorporated an intriguing bank of sounds).

The Laplante_Campbell Duo offered a very unique musical experience, mixing together various approaches from Deep Listening to micro-sounding to the French Acousmatic Concrete school. Our work would gently move into chosen sonic spaces and we would take time exploring and experimenting with the emerging materials of the improvisational moment.

Our work was released on Eric Mattson’s label, ORAL_records, as part of a group of contributors  on OSTINATO 26, a limited edition CD release and art object.